VACAYA Cruise 2022 – Costume Guide

The Vacaya Caribbean Cruise is happening Jan 10-17 and it’s SOLD OUT! They have some pretty creative party cruises that look like tons of fun!

We’ve compiled all the themes here and given you an idea of what you can wear for each party! Get creative! It’ll be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

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This Is Me

“It’s Night One and we’re all coming together for an entire evening of dining, entertainment, and dancing to celebrate this incredible moment of reconnection. Choose an outfit that speaks to your personal journey – where you’re from and what you’re all about – and hit the upper decks!”

Doggie Style

“Tonight will be Pooch Perfect as we hit the pound! It’s the ultimate VACAYA puppy playground as we all go canine in Doggie Style! #DressLikeADog WOOF!”


“There’s no one sexier than 007. And tonight, we’re going full on Pussy Galore as we dive into the mysterious underworld of Bond-age. No matter where your fetishes take you, let’s see your sexy best – shaken, not stirred.”

Sleep Over

“We’re going late with this one, so think underwear, PJs, and onesies. Sleep nude? Yeah, we get it… there’s nothing better than that sense of freedom, so make sheer fabrics your best friend. “

Snatched Wig V-Dance

“Cruise Director Edie’s wigs are legendary, and now it’s your turn to give her a run for the money in the ultimate Wig V-Dance! Reach up for the sunshine… put your hair into the big sky… you can touch the sunshine… feel the new day enter your life!”

Cartoon Lagoon 80’s V-Dance

“Let the classic Saturday morning cartoons of your childhood provide the inspiration here. From He-Man and She-Ra to Scooby Doo and The Smurfs, your favorites should animate this 80s V-Dance.”

Q-Wenched V-Dance

“You’re all a bunch of thirsty wenches and at today’s V-Dance, we’re going full on Stranger Tides as this Caribbean pirate fantasy gets dragged down to Davy Jones’ locker! Prepare to shower your fellow buccaneers and to get drenched (and q’wenched) yourself! YOU WILL GET WET!”

It’s Electric

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