Best Festival Hydration Pack – MUST HAVE

When going to an outdoor festival, there are definitely several essential items that you need to take with you: earplugs, gum, comfy shoes, a cute outfit. But there’s one item that I will not go to an outdoor festival without from now on:

The LUNCHBOX Hydration and Anti-Theft Pack

It’s literally the MOST important thing that you NEED to bring to every festival. I had the opportunity to use it at Beyond Wonderland and Dreamstate SoCal and I just can’t say enough good things about it!

It was SO convenient and comfortable. I’m SO glad that I ditched my other hydration packs – I will definitely be using the Lunchbox from now on!

The Lunchbox pack was designed BY ravers FOR ravers. They really thought about everything that you would need in a bag!


The Lunchbox Pack features a 2-Liter hydration bladder with a unique design that doesn’t leak and get all your stuff wet.

The bladder itself is in a separate zipper pocket at the bottom of the pack.

And the zipper opens in TWO locations: one zipper is on the back of the pack where you would expect it to be. The other is on the SIDE of the pack, which is where you actually access the bladder’s opening.

The hydration bladder is designed to be opened and filled on the SIDE of your bag. That way you can take just one strap off your shoulder and sling it to the side to fill your bag. GENIUS right?!

The bladder itself is super easy to fill. Slide the lock off and then pull the bladder open on either side to fill it.

Other bladders have an awkward twist knob to open that’s hard to get open and close. The Lunchbox’s design is much easier and efficient!

And drinking out of the pack is great too! The tube is heavy duty, but still flexible. And you just bite down on the nozzle to open and start drinking.

For festivals during the hot summer, it’s so important to have a hydration pack that just works!


Not only does the Lunchbox Pack keep you hydrated at your festival, it’s great at keeping your valuables safe!

All of the pockets have nice quality zippers that tuck away under a flap so it’s hard to find the opening. The zippers also have a tiny buckle, giving one extra layer of protection.

Inside the pack are hidden pockets and more zippered pockets! So you can feel safe putting your wallet, IDs, credit cards in there.

For EVEN MORE protection, you can hide your valuables in a zip-lock bag in the compartment where the bladder goes. Just hide it behind the bladder and you’ll know it’s safe.

On your shoulder strap are expandable mesh pockets that you can put your phone in. This way, you can always have your hands on your phone when you hold on to your shoulder straps.

Again, the Lunchbox Packs were designed by ravers – so they know how much of a problem pickpocketing is at festivals. They’ve thought of everything to help keep your valuables as safe as possible.

Quality and Design

When I first got my hands on a Lunchbox Pack, I could tell that they used the highest quality materials to make it.

The bag just feels very well-made and heavy duty, yet the materials are lightweight and comfortable. It’s made of high quality nylon that’s going to last a long time.

There are pads exactly where they need to be to keep it comfy on your body when you’re carrying it all day.

And all the Lunchbox Packs have interchangeable skins and loops for you to feed EL wire through so that you can customize to your style! They really have thought of everything!

And if you order a new Lunchbox Pack with the coupon code GAYALMANAC at checkout, you get a FREE skin of your choice!! How cool is that?!

So grab yours now at – they’re so popular they’ve been selling out, but keep checking back because they’re restocking constantly!

I seriously give this bag a 10 out of 10. You won’t be disappointed with it. EVERY raver needs one of these!

Again, make sure to use coupon code GAYALMANAC at checkout to get a free skin!

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