The Big Gay Halloween Costume Guide 2021

It’s almost time for Halloween – are you caught without a costume? We’ve put together some simple costume ideas for all you procrastinators out there! Get your last minute costume pieces here!

Sexy, Slutty, Strappy

Red, Elastic Harness:
Blue Jockstrap:
Black/White Elastic Harness:
Gold Leather Harness:

Get on your knees…

Disco Porn Star

Black Swan

Feathered cape, a pair of black tights, and some spikey boots make up this Black Swan interpretation.

Feathers –

Black disco leggings –

Black spiked boots –


Inflatable Unicorn:
Inflatable Unicorn Skeleton:

Hilarious Couples Costumes!

Cupid’s arrow ?


Premade set –

Red high top sneaker

Low profile angel wings –

Bow & arrow headpiece –

Red booty shorts –

Sexy Military Dudes

Time for a checkup!

Sexy doctor –

The Naughty Cowboy ?

Assless chaps!  –

Full costume –

Cowboy circuit boots –

Cowboy hat & accessories-

Deadpool ?

Red compression trunks with cell phone pocket –

Utility belt –

Leather harness

Black leather boots –

Bob the Pounder ?

Denim Jean shorts –

Tool belt –

Safety vest –

Hard Hat –

Delightfully Tacky ?

The hooters crew –

Seamen! ?

Men’s sailor costume –

another sailer version –

Pink Flamingos!

Pink flamingo

• Flamingo Hat –

• Flamingo Headband –

• Pink Shorts –

• Pink Socks –

• Flamingo Bandana 1

• Flamingo Bandana 2

• Flaminog FANNY PACK!

Lions ? & Tigers ?


• Lion Headband + Tail –

• Lion Mane + Tail –

• Black Shorts –

• Lion Socks –

• Lion Bandana –


• Tiger Headband –

• Tiger bandana –

• Orange shorts –

• Orange socks –



• Panda headband –

• Panda bandana –

• Black Shorts –

• Black/White Socks –

Monkey ? Business


• Monkey Headband –

• Banana Bandana –

• Yellow Shorts –

• Yellow Socks –

“Look at my trunk”


• Jumbo Elephant Ears –

• Elephant Ears Headband + Tail –

• Elephant Headband only –

• Gray Shorts –

• Elephant Socks –

• Zoo Bandana –

Lock me up

Lock me up daddy” with this sexy prisoner costume

Circuit Cop

Everything your need to arrest all your naughty friends 

Circuit Superhero’s

DC Comics Temporary Tattoos –
Put a tattoo on your chest.
Or use the Superman Chrome Emblem –
Attach the emblem to your elastic harness.
Find some meggings in the right color.
Add a matching fanny back.
Put on some boots Done!

Sexy Circuit Batman
Use one of these inexpensive elastic harnesses, and add the Batman emblem.
Any black shorts would do, but we highly recommend these Gold Shimmer black booty shorts from our LGBT biz owners at Jimaye. Use ALMANAC to get 10%.
Top it off with this silk cape, and these insane spikey gold boots!
Because Batman is actually a fabulous queen!

Spider Man Meets the Circuit…
Blue booty shorts.
Blue circuit boots, with a pair of webbed knee high socks!
Put on this Spider Man fanny pack. Then go shoot your… web!

Perfect your Black Panther look with these Kapow Meggings
Grab a pair of amazing Kapow Meggings to match any of your superhero costumes! Pull together a sicking Black Panther costume with this necklace.

Inflatable Superman Costume –
Or you can just put one of these on! LOL!

It’s always more fun when you dress up with your whole crew! Here are some group costume ideas:

Set of 10 Super Hero Capes –
Get your crew together for a group outfit. Get each of you a cape and make up your own super powers!

X-Men Belt Buckles –
Form the X-Men by getting an X emblem belt buckle for everyone, and then get creative with your costume. Dress in all white with a white wig for Storm. But a pair of cool goggles to be Cyclops. Grab a pair of claws for Wolverine.

Power Rangers Adult Shirts –
Another group costume perfect for the theme! Make your costume extra fabulous by cutting the shirts into crop tops!

Super Mario Bros Hats –
Another fun group idea is to be all the different characters within the Super Mario Bros universe. So many different options! From Princess Peach to Bowser, there’s something from everyone!

Sailor Moon Fantasy! –
Fulfill in Sailor Moon fantasy and get your whole crew a Sailor costume! Who’s going to be Sailor Uranus?

There are tons of different accessories that you mix and match to create your own unique look. You can even go super easy by popping on one of these Superhero Aprons with a jockstrap and call it a night!

“Easy” Heros….
A Pair of Hero Briefs……. PinkHero Briefs
And a matching CAPE!!!
Throw in a pair of knee high caped socks if ur feeling extra silly.

Heres a few more fun costume pieces to add to your outfit.
WonderWoman Tutu, or these Gauntlets, and then top it off with a tiara.

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