Costume Shopping Guide for the 2022 Atlantis Tropica Americas Cruise!

Just a few days left to get your costumes!

So to help you get your creative juices flowing, here’s a costume shopping guide for you categorized by the party themes!

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Dog Tag T-Dance

The Dog Tag T-Dance is always the first T-Dance (daytime party) that you’ll have on the cruise. It’s the first chance to really get to know your fellow cruisers! You’ll be given a military dog tag where you can put different colored stickers on it to show how “available” you are. Red means you’re taken, green means you’re fully available, and yellow means “ask first.” And everyone is going to be dressed in their military best. So here are a few ideas for you to dress to impress! (Just click on each pic to be taken to its Amazon page)

Sporting Sparkle

A little spin and sparkle on a classic sports theme – just add bling to any sports themed piece!

Disco T-Dance

Another staple of the Atlantis cruises is the Disco T-Dance, which is traditionally the last daytime party of the cruise. It’s meant to be a silly and carefree party, full of amazing 70s disco vibes. So here are a few costume ideas to help you channel your inner Diana Ross!

Evening Parties

Under The Sea

Lots of potential for this theme. Dress up with anything water related or dress as a sea creature. Pick colors that are blue and shiny. There are so many things you can dress up as. Let’s see how creative you can be!


Heroes can be found anywhere! Dress as your favorite superhero or as your every day hero (like firefighters and policemen).

Neon Playground

The description is a little vague but it sounds like being BRIGHT and COLORFUL is the way to go. So here are some glow accessories that will be great for this theme.

Classics – Feeling 30

White Party

And the iconic White Party is definitely on EVERY cruise. So here are some creative white party outfits for you to try.

I hope that helps you with your costume shopping!!

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Also Check out our “Oh Shit” guide of stuff you may have forgotten and our “After-hours outfit guide

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