Hi, I'm Doug Lau!

Growing up, I was an A student in grade school and high school. I took honors and AP classes, and I loaded up on extra-curricular activities. I even got into the university that I had set my sights on: UCLA! (Go Bruins!) I got my bachelors degree in Economics and I was ready to take on the world!


But finding a job, and landing one, was not as easy as I had hoped. I thought that my education from a prestigious university would be enough for the recruiter. But it turned out that my education was just a small part of what they saw on that oh-so-important resume. And I needed to find a way to stand out among the stack of other resumes on the desk.

Luckily, I had a mentor who gave me some pointers on my resume and helped me develop it so that it would catch the recruiters’ attention. He gave me valuable information that would help me to finesse and perfect my resume – things that I still do for my resume today!


In addition, he helped me with being confident for interviews. I was always very anxious and nervous going into interviews, which affected my performance in the interview itself. He taught me several techniques that would calm my nerves and help me answer the recruiters’ questions, even those that seem to come out of left field! 


Now that I’ve been able to climb the corporate ladder as a Recruiter, a Hiring Manager, a Guest Service Manager, and a Training Manager, I want to be that mentor to help YOU succeed in finding and landing a job. The process of writing a resume and interviewing can be daunting but my goal is to give you all my knowledge so that you can start your journey into the workforce as successful as possible. 

How Can I Help You?

Let me show you everything you need to know about your resume, including:

  • What to include and what NOT to include
  • How to write descriptions that will catch the recruiter’s attention
  • How to design the overall look of your resume
  • What the recruiters really look for on a resume

Interviews can be nerve-racking, but I can show you:

  • What you need to know from the beginning to the end of the interview
  • The most frequently asked questions in an interview
  • Why recruiters ask certain questions and what answers they expect
  • How to have answers prepared so you don’t have word vomit

After you land that job, there’s still so much to learn! 

  • How to work well on a team in a corporate environment
  • How to receive feedback and actually apply it
  • What your bosses are looking for and how to stand out
  • Non-Technical (or Soft Skills) that you need to succeed and move up!

Let’s discover how I can help you! In an initial 15 minute call, I can assess what you need help on the most and develop a plan for your success!

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